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Artane Construction (Website Copywriting)

Client: Artane Construction

Artane’s situation: This Chicago-based full-service general contractor, project management and design firm had commissioned a remodel for their website which was going live ASAP, but the content on the original site wasn’t in line with Artane’s sensibilities. They wanted the entire site rewritten to sound like them, and they needed it in less than two weeks.

My solution: During an hour-long coffee meeting with Rachel, one half of Artane’s husband and wife owner-operator duo, we discussed the company. I asked questions about the company’s values, its focus, its uniqueness. I came to understand the clientele and why they would choose Artane over its competitors.

The result: In less than a week I wrote content for the home page, about us page, and six service offering overviews. The content matched what I felt was the voice of Artane. Rachel changed two tiny things. She was thrilled with the rapid turn-around and the spot-on messaging. She was so pleased that she asked me to write a newsletter for them. The e-newsletter I wrote generated new business for Artane less than a week after it was sent.

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