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Indiana University Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care, Annual Report (Profiles)

Client: Indiana University Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care

IU Health Goshen CCC’s situation: The health care provider needed to wrap up their annual report, but they were lacking the heart-tugging stories only their cancer survivors can tell. They had survivors lined up to be interviewed, so many they had to turn some down. What they needed was someone to do the interviewing and writing. It was the beginning of November and they wanted the profiles before Thanksgiving.

My solution: I studied IU Health Goshen CCC’s past annual reports to familiarize myself with their preferred tone and style. I asked the marketing team questions to understand what makes IU Health Goshen unique. Then I got to work. Over four days I interviewed four inspirational cancer survivors and recommended to the client which two should be featured. They agreed with my suggestions and a week later the two profiles were in their inbox.

The result: In a matter of two weeks, the client received professionally written testimonials showcasing the integrative model and multi-disciplinary approach that makes their facility a regional cancer care powerhouse. The client loved the profiles and used them in the annual report with only the tiniest of edits.

Read Lloyd’s survivor story on p.12 and Toyce’s survivor story on p.20. 

IU Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care 2013 Annual Report

Breast Cancer Survivor

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