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Mediafly (Website Copywriting)

Client: Mediafly

Mediafly’s situation: This cloud-based solutions startup in Chicago was rebranding itself and, like all tech startups, they needed to move fast. They wanted their entire site rewritten so that a variety of customer prospects would immediately understand the Mediafly solution and how it applied to each prospect’s business needs. The copy needed to be written with razor-sharp clarity, in an engaging tone, and Mediafly needed it live in two months.

My solution: I entrenched myself in the Mediafly brand and credo, and met regularly with the team responsible for the rebranded website. Taglines and headlines were critical in paring with the new sleek design, and I offered multiple options for every location where they were needed.

The result: In less than two months I wrote content for the home page, solutions page, two product pages, a company page, and various subpages. The writing was exactly what the client wanted and this initial project engagement lead to an ongoing partnership which includes: case studies, blog posts, ghostwritten bylines, and thought leader/brand ambassador positioning.

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