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Everpurse 1871 One-Pager

1871 Alumni Startups (One-Pagers)

Client: Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center (CEC) / 1871

CEC’s situation: Gearing up for its annual Momentum Awards fundraising dinner, the CEC needed to assemble a slick packet of information touting their past 12 month’s accomplishments to generate sponsors for the big event. Several startup companies recently grew out of their co-working digs at the CEC’s tech startup hub, 1871, and into their own office spaces. The CEC wanted to profile these “graduates” to drum up sponsorship dollars.

My solution: The founders of the startups were also being interviewed on camera for a video that would run during the awards dinner, so I coordinated schedules with the video producers and the CEOs and conducted my own round of off-camera interviewing. I identified relevant pull-quotes, and important facts/figures for the graphic designer to layout in the sidebar of each one-pager.

The result: I’ve done freelance writing for the CEC since before 1871 launched, so I was well versed in the tone and style they wanted. My relationship with the tech hub also meant I knew what angles to highlight for each startup to best position the companies and 1871 to pull in the sponsorship dollars.

Click the images below to view each one-pager. 

Everpurse 1871 Alumni One-Pager Food Genius 1871 Alumni One-Pager MarkITx 1871 Alumni One-Pager WeDeliver 1871 Alumni One-Pager

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