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Battling for Market Share Armed with Information Enablement (ghostwritten blog post)

Battling for Market Share Armed with Information Enablement


Sales and marketing executives are focused on the same strategic battle: taking market share away from the competition. At the front lines of this effort is the sales force; information is their artillery.

Successful managers realize enablement isn’t just about sales enablement–it’s a level beyond that. It’s about enabling information, which is how the company’s vision and its innovative products and services are communicated. Leaders that understand this distinction between sales enablement and information enablement are able to beat their competitors day-in and day-out and win market share.

Information is Power

Information enablement allows sales and marketing managers to curate and organize information, impart that information with intelligence, and allow a sales force to deliver a message that is on-point, up-to-date, engaging, and effective. Sales reps can shift and shape their presentations on the spot, pivoting whenever customers take a conversation in a new direction. Effective information enablement means NOT having to answer with undesirable–and often sales killing–responses like, “I’ll get back to you on that.” or “Let me see if I have access to a deck on that topic.”

That’s why the enablement of information is powerful. But what is it?

Essentially, informational enablement is the pure dissemination of a company’s core vision, it’s intellectual property; the brains of the c-suite. It’s the secret weapon that empowers your sales force with relevant data, contextual talking points, and differentiators to ensure they can deliver an optimal message in any situation. It’s the key details your CEO would use to close a deal, but since the CEO isn’t in every meeting, it puts his or her knowledge at the fingertips of the sales reps on the ground. It gives them the advantage they need in their daily battle for increasing market share.

Think of it like this: sales enablement focuses on enabling sales management and sales process execution. It’s rigid and generic. Whereas information enablement is an immediate and fluid transfer of knowledge to every sales rep in a company. It can be endlessly “tailored” without diluting the original message, which translates to reps winning more battles.

Companies Are Leveraging Information Enablement to Win Market Share

Let me tell you the story of a global consumer goods company with a corporate mandate to increase market share in an already competitive space. They had an IT function in place to support sales and sales enablement, but the executive in charge of the “sales transformation” realized was that the IT department was building apps and tools without regard for how quickly things can change. Consequently, these tools and apps were not only expensive but within months they were useless to sales reps in the field

Management recognized the sales collateral being used was rigid, outdated, and often ineffective, and they wanted to get rid of their inflexible and expensive means of managing it all. They had a vision of bringing the company’s rapidly changing voice, products, and marketing messages to the field sales force in a manner that was impactful and engaging. They imagined being able to target information to specific regions, use-cases, and customers. They also knew they needed the ability to control the message across a variety of users without robbing those users of their individuality or ability to adapt in the field. They insisted on a dynamic and interactive sales platform with accurate reporting and streamlined methodologies. And above all, they wanted an affordable and scalable solution that could shift and change as the market does.

Enter Mediafly.

Mediafly started working with a small group within this consumer goods giant to enable their vision, sales and marketing collateral, videos and documents translated by the field sales team into real-time, consistently pure and most importantly impactful messaging.

This allowed each salesperson to assemble their own sales story while using the most up-to-date corporate-sanctioned messaging. Content-based reporting provided the management and marketing teams with insight into what information was most impactful and empowered the company to respond to market fluctuations with greater impact and speed.

What were the results?

  • Territory managers that created orders using Mediafly’s technology experienced a nearly 1% increase in market share in just six weeks.
  • Preparation time for weekly meetings was cut from five hours down to two, resulting in a 60% reduction of prep time.
  • Sales reps quality of life and job satisfaction dramatically improved because they were not longer spending nights and weekends finding and building PowerPoint presentations
  • The savings resulting from no longer printing unnecessary presentation material offset 80% of Mediafly’s licensing fees.

I urge you to think about enablement. And when you do, the focus should be on empowering the sale team through information. Arm your frontline reps with tools to help them win the day-to-day battle, win against the competition, and increase market share. Because how you embrace information enablement will make or break the future of your company.

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