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Apparel Media Group (Corporate Positioning + Website Copywriting + Project Management)

Client: Apparel Media

Apparel Media’s situation: This Chicago-based startup was looking to close a round of funding and needed to revamp their messaging and the look and feel of their website. It was Thanksgiving and they wanted the site up before the end of the year.

My solution: I dug into the existing messaging and held brain dump and brand messaging sessions with the founders and CTO, and contracted out the design and development of the website (which I project managed to fit within the new brand positioning). Focusing on SEO-friendly content I wrote copy to reposition who the company is, created an acronym and revamped copy to explain what the company does, differentiated the company by conceptualizing its unique selling proposition, developed case studies showcasing past successes, and packaged the company history in an engaging narrative.

The result: The site went live on New Years Eve with much celebration. The updated brand positioning was inserted into sales and investor presentations and the new T.E.A.M. acronym received immediate positive feedback from Apparel Media’s potential clients and investors alike. Apparel Media went on to close their $1.15 million Series A Funding barely a month after the website went live.

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